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Jazz Ensembles

Represented in this section is a good selection of big band jazz ensemble arrangements by noted band leaders, arrangers and educators. The list includes publisher, style and level of difficulty as determined by the publishers and writers.

Hal Leonard Publications:

"After You've Gone", arr. by Mark Taylor, Slow Swing (68), grade 3-4, $45.00
"All Or Nothing At All", arr. by George Stone, easy swing (132-144), grade 3-4, $45.00
"Alexander's Ragtime Band",arr. by Les Hooper, Fun Jazz Feel (208) grade 4-5, $40.00
"A Nightingale Sang", arr. by F. Mantooth, Bass-Bone/Trumpet Duo, grade 4-5, $50.00
"Body and Soul", arr. by George Stone, Medium Swing (120), grade 3-4 $50.00
"Brass Machine",arr. by Mark Taylor, Trumpet Section Feature, grade 3-4, $40.00
"Come Rain or Come Shine", arr. by George Stone, 12/8 Blues Feel (74), $50.00
"Disney Salute", arr. by Sam Nestico, (Mickey Mouse March & Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah), $60.00
"Early Autumn", arr. Ralph Burns, Woody Herman Ballad, grade 3-4, $45.00
"Eighty-Eight Basie Street", arr. Sammy Nestico, Count Basie style, grade 3-4, $50.00
"Everytime We Say Goodbye", arr. Mark Taylor, Ballad w/dbl time, grade 3-4, $35.00
"Flintstones" arr. by Dave Barduhn, Very Fast (320), grade 4, $45.00
"Four Brothers", By Jimmy Giuffre, Woody Herman, grade 4-5, $45.00
"Giant Steps", arr. by Mark Taylor, Swing (240), grade 4-5, $60.00
"Here There and Everywhere", arr. by Mark Taylor, Tenor Feature (slow), 2-3, $40.00 "Hold On I'm Comin'", arr. by Roger Holmes, Funky (122), grade 2-3, $50.00
"I Can't Get Started", arr. by George Stone, Tempo & Style changes, grade3-4, $45.00
"In The Mood", Original Joe Garland version, grade 3, $45.00
"In The Mood" arr. by Jeff Tyzik, Tonight Show Band Version, grade 4, $60.00
"Just In Time", arr. by F. Mantooth, Samba (264), grade 3-4, $35.00
"Lester Leaps In", arr. by Mark Taylor, Swing (180-200), grade 3, $40.00
"Lullaby Of Birdland", arr. by Mark Taylor, Latin (120), grade 3-4, $45.00
"Mack The Knife", arr. by Sammy Nestico, Moderate Jazz (120-132), grade 3-4, $40.00
"My Romance", arr. by Mark Taylor, Ballad, grade 3, $50.00
"Saints Alive", arr.by John Berry, Dixie Combo w/Jazz Band, grade 3, $30.00
"Seems Like Old Times", arr. by F. Mantooth, Swing (108-116), grade 3-4, $35.00, "Sentimental Journey", arr. by Dave Wolpe, Moderate (72-80), grade 2-3, $35.00
"Shiny Stockings", arr. by Sammy Nestico, Easy Basie Style (126), grade 3, $60.00
"South Rampart Street Parade" arr. by Bob Lowden, Bright Dixie (224), grade 3, $35.00
"Spain" arr. by John LaBarbera, Latin Feel (240), grade 4-5, $60.00
"Spinning Wheel", arr. by John Berry, Rock (92), grade 3, $50.00
"Splanky", arr. by Sammy Nestico, Basie Easy Style (116-126) grade 3, $45.00
"St.Louis Blues", arr. by Sammy Nestico, Slow & UpTempo, grade 2-3, $40.00"Stompin' At The Savoy" arr. by Dave Barduhn, Swing (150), grade 2, $30.00
"Struttin' With Some Barbecue", arr.by Mike Tamaro, Swing (170), Grade 3-4, $55.00
"Sweet Georgia Brown", arr. by Sammy Nestico, Basie swing(190), grade 3-4 $60.00
"Take The A Train" arr. Mark Taylor, Bright swing (180), grade 3-4, $60.00
"Take The A Train" arr. by Dave Barduhn, medium swing (144),grade 2, $30.00
"The Very Thought Of You", arr. Geo.Stone, T-bone, Ballad+Swing, grade 3-4, $45.00
"Things Ain't What They Used To Be", arr. by Mark Taylor, Shuffle(116),grade 3-4, $50.00
"The Heat's On", arr.by Sammy Nestico, Basie Fast Swing (276) grade 3-4, $45.00
"Undecided" arr. F.Mantooth, Very Fast (300),grade 4, $60.00
"Wind Machine", arr. Sammy Nestico Fast(300), grade 4, $45.00
"Well You Needn't" arr. Mark Taylor, BeBop(168), grade 3-4, $45.00
"When You Wish Upon A Star" arr. Paul Jennings, Ballad, grade2-3, $45.00
"You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", arr. Geo. Stone, Swing(175), grade 3-4, $45.00
"You'll Be In My Heart", arr. Paul Murtha Rock Ballad, grade 2-3, $40.00
"You've Got A Friend In Me", arr. John Berry, Swing(132), grade 2-3, $40.00

Warner Brothers Publications

"A Salute To Glenn Miller II, arr. Jeff Hest, 3 Miller Swing Classics, grade 2-3, $55.00
"As Time Goes By" arr. Dave Barduhn, Fast Bop (275), grade 3, $30.00
Blues "In Hoss Flat" arr.by Mark Taylor, Basie Medium(80), grade 3, $35.00
"But Not For Me" arr.by Dave Wolpe, Swing (144), grade 3, $40.00
"Bye Bye Blackbird" arr.By Dave Revello, Trumpet Feature (120), grade 3, $45.00
"Cute", arr.by Bob Mintzer, Drum Feature (220), grade 3-4, $50.00
"Mancini Medley". arr. by Frank Comstock, Concert Feature, grade 3, $60.00
"Marge", arr.by Dave Wolpe, Les Brown Swing(160), grade 3, $50.00
"Miami Spice" arr.by Victor Lopez, Afro-Cuban(132), grade 3-4, $50.00
"One O'Clock Jump" arr.by Bob Mintzer, Basie Swing(200), grade 3-4,$50.00
"Sing,Sing,Sing"arr.by Roy Phillips, Swing (192) grade 3, $40.00
"Star Wars Medley", arr.by Dave Wolpe, Theme & Leah's Theme, grade 3, $50.00
"Summertime" arr.by Dave Rivello, Swing Feel(120), grade 3, $48.00
"Theme, New York,New York, arr. by Dave Wolpe, Swing(144) Grade 3, $40.00
"Ya Gotta Try Harder", arr.by Sammy Nestico two Sections(144)&(288) grade 3-4, $55.00
"You Stepped Out Of A Dream" arr.D.Wolpe, Samba/Swing(192) grade 3-4 $40.00

Kendor Publishing

"A Tribute To Kenton" arr.by Lennie Niehaus, Concert Medley, grade 3-4, $48.00
"A Warm Breeze" arr. by Sammy Nestico, Basie Easy Swing(110-120), grade 3-4 $56.00
"Cotton Tail" arr.by John LaBarbera, Very Bright Swing, grade 3-4, $56.00
"Freckle Face" arr.by Sammy Nestico, Basie Easy Swing(120), grade3-4, $56.00
"Little Brown Jug" arr.by Sammy Nestico, Easy Swing(132) grade 3-4 $38.00
"Mercy, Mercy arr.br Phil Wilson, Buddy Rich Band (Rock 120), grade 3-4, $56.00
"Spring Can Really Hang You Up" arr.by F. Mantooth, T-bone or Flgl feature, grade 3-4, $24.00
"Tribute" arr.by Bob Mintzer, Basie Swing (120), grade 3-4, $40.00

Sierra Publications

"What's New" arr.by Bill Holman, Trumpet Feature, for Stan Kenton $
"Kingfish" by Bill Holman, for Stan Kenton $
"Dancing Nightly" by Bill Holman, for Maynard Ferguson $
"Lightnin'" by Bill Holman
"Theme & Variations" by Bill Holman
"Theme & Variations II" by Bill Holman
"Malaguena" arr. by Bill Holman for Stan Kenton $
"Kissing Bug" arr. by Bill Holman$
"Evil Eyes" arr. by Bill Holman $
"Billie's Bounce" arr. by Bill Holman for Terry Gibbs $
"The Lamp Is Low" arr. by Ernie Wilkins for Maynard Ferguson $
"Moten Swing" arr by Ernie Wilkins for Count Basie $
"Sweetie Pie" arr. by Don Sebesky for Maynard Ferguson $
"Here's That Rainy Day" arr. by Dee Barton for Stan Kenton $
"Swing House" arr. by Gerry Mulligan for Stan Kenton $
"But Beautiful" arr. by Lennie Neihaus for Stan Kenton $"The End Of A Love Affair" arr.by Lennie Neihaus for Stan Kenton $
"I Love You" arr. by Les Hooper $
"Emily" arr. by Les Hooper, $
"Letter From Home" by Pat Metheny $
"In Her Family" by Pat Metheny $


"Ain't Misbehavin'" arr. by Jeff Jarvis, key of C, Male or Female $45.00
"Alright, Okay, You Win", arr. by Sammy Nestico for Count Basie, Key of C, $40.00
"At Last", arr. by Mike Carubia, Key of G, female, $50.00
"Come Rain Or Shine" arr. by Jerry Nowak, Female, Key of Gb, $45.00